The following rules are mandatory and apply to the conduct of all users, to the content of all profiles, to all panoramas and videos as well as to all dealings with data that are accessible over the network:
§ 1

All users shall maintain a respectful manner of expression and polite interaction. No one shall be negatively emphasized, defamed, harassed, insulted or ridiculed.

§ 2

Any contents that contravene applicable law are not permitted. Especially contents showing images of physical or sexual violence as well as pornographic motives are prohibited. Panono reserves the right to bring legal action in the event of criminal activities.

§ 3

Data must not be read, stored, edited, changed, forwarded or otherwise misused manually or automatically for the purpose of data acquisition without consent.

§ 4

It shall be prohibited to set up profiles and websites within the network that serve to read out, store, edit, change, forward or otherwise misuse information.

§ 5

It shall be prohibited to use or spread viruses, links, programs or other techniques that contravene Panono’s terms of use.

§ 6

There must not be any technical attacks in order to entirely or partly change, misuse, delete or otherwise damage data of individual users. Likewise, technical attacks of any kind on the servers and data bases of Panono are prohibited.

§ 7

Any violation of the terms of use or the rules of this code of conduct result in a warning of the user, a temporary or permanent blocking or deletion of the user account. Panono reserves the right to delete any account immediately and without any warning.