How to save your panoramas.

To reduce expensive storage costs, so that you can continue to store your panoramas free with us, we've decided to delete old panoramas that are older than 24 months and were created before September 2019. We won't ever delete panoramas that were charged for stitching. We introduced stitching costs in September 2019. Therefore, any stitched panoramas created after that can be hosted with us free of charge.

Panoramas created before September 2019 can avoid being deleted by simply saving them.

Below we'll show you how you can save your panoramas.

1) sign-in to your account at:

2) visit your PANORMAS overview page, like in the example below:

Figure 1 shows PANORAMAS overview page
Figure 1 shows PANORAMAS overview page

You'll notice in the picture above that my panoramas have a green border around them. That is confirmation that my panoramas have been 'saved'. A red border would indicate that the panorama is expiring. A grey border or no visible border would indicates that it hasn't been saved, but it also won't be deleted anytime soon (at least 1 month away from deletion).

3) to save your panorama(s), first click the panorama(s) that you want to save, as shown below (I have in total 4 panoramas selected, 2 shown on the page):

Figure 2 shows selected panoramas
Figure 2 shows selected panoramas

4) lastly, click the 'selected ...' button, followed by the 'Save' button, as shown below

Figure 3 shows the 'Save' button
Figure 3 shows the 'Save' button

That's it! If you clicked that and there's a green border are them, they're saved! and they'll never be deleted!


  • You can save all panoramas within an album similarly. For this, go to the album overview screen, select 1 and only 1 album, then click the 'save' button. However, there will never be a border around the album, regardless if all of the panoramas in the album are saved, or if all the images are expiring.
  • It's ok to 'save' an image more than once, nothing happens if you do.
  • At the moment, there seems to be a problem saving lots of images at the same time. To work around this, you can save in groups, or click the 'save' button repeatedly until it works :/

Thank you! Have a wonderful day, from Panono